The Big Game

Danny Owens is football royalty in his small Texas town. And he’s dedicating his seventh-grade season to his Super Bowl–champion father, who recently passed away. Danny promises everyone that, just like his dad, he’ll dominate the big game at the end of the season and earn a spot on the high school varsity team.
Then his English teacher catches him cheating on a test. Despite everyone’s protests, she is not going to let Danny get away with it. And even though Danny is given another opportunity to take the test, he knows it won’t matter, for he’s been carrying a secret with him for a long time now. He can’t read.
If Danny can’t pass his class, he won’t be eligible to play in the big championship game that could unlock his future. While his resentment rises against the one person willing to help him win off the field, the pressure to succeed begins to weigh heavily on Danny’s shoulders. Danny knows he’s being tested on every level, and to pass, he may very well have to choose a different path from his father’s.
In another action-packed and inspiring story, New York Times bestselling author and former NFL player Tim Green encourages readers to fight for their dreams but to live up to their own great expectations.

Touchdown Kid

Cory and his best friend, Liam, have always loved football. Even though they live in a rough neighborhood, where opportunities don’t come very often, their passion for the game has carried them through. So when Liam is offered a scholarship to HBS, an elite private school, to play football, Cory couldn’t be happier for him.

But then a tragic injury on the field knocks Liam out of the game—and out of the HBS football family. The HBS coach still needs a player, and when Cory takes over at Liam’s spot, he rips off several impressive touchdowns.  It’s the chance of a lifetime when Cory is offered Liam’s scholarship—and the nickname Touchdown Kid. Cory knows football could be his ticket out, but he soon discovers he will need to do more than play the game—he’ll have to fit in in a world where most people look at him and just see a scholarship kid from the wrong side of town. Cory knows that if he can fight hard enough, both on and off the field, he may just be able to build a future that looks very different from his past. But will he be able to maintain his Touchdown Kid status, or will it all fall apart just short of the endzone?

In another action-packed and heartfelt story, New York Times bestselling author and former NFL defensive end Tim Green explores the opportunities given by playing football and having a “football family” at your back, which can equal the playing field for any kid, as long as they have the skills to compete.

Left Out

ALL LANDON DORCH has ever wanted was to be like everyone else. But his deafness and the way he talks have been obstacles all his life. Other kids, and even adults, have never been able to look past his disability and see the real Landon. But now, he finally gets an opportunity to fit in. Bigger and taller than any other seventh grader in his new school, Landon plans to use his size to his advantage.

In Bronxville, football reigns supreme, and what could be better for a hopeful lineman desperate to gain friends beyond his fiery little sister? Still, the same speech problems and the cochlear implants that help him hear continue to haunt him. At best, his new teammates keep their distance, and when football proves harder than he thought, the coaches encourage Landon to be their oversize water boy.

Just when it looks like Landon will be left out for good, Brett Bell—a star player whose family knows about being different—becomes an unlikely friend. And the whole Bell family pitches in to help Landon, even Brett’s uncle, a New York Giants All-Pro tackle who shares some of his trade secrets. But in the end, only Landon can fight his way off the bench and through a crowded field of bullies bent on seeing him forever left out.

From former NFL player and New York Times bestselling author Tim Green comes an action-packed story about one boy’s journey to change how others see him—both on and off the field.

Kid Owner

Ryan never knew his dad, nor the fact that he owned the Dallas Cowboys. But when his father dies unexpectedly, Ryan is given a rare and amazing opportunity to be the owner of the NFL team. This is not only a dream come true, but it gives Ryan a chance to make it in middle school without being a total social misfit. It may also help him rise off the bench of his football team and break into the starting lineup.
With the help of his friends Jackson and Izzy, Ryan quickly takes advantage of his newfound stardom. He convinces his middle-school coach to use a tricky passing offense that’s more suited to his own quick thinking and limited arm strength. But just when he thinks things are looking up, Ryan’s nasty stepmother appears and makes a legal play to install her own son as the Cowboys’ kid owner. With drama heating up both on and off the field, Ryan quickly realizes he may lose much more than just the Dallas Cowboys.
New York Times bestselling author and former NFL defensive end Tim Green delivers a high-energy story that is a sports lover’s dream come true. And with gripping family drama and captivating sports action, readers won’t be able to stop turning the pages.

First Team

It’s happened again:  Brock Nickerson is on the run. . . .

But this time it’s going to be different. At least, that’s what Brock’s dad has promised. The bad guys are off their trail and this time, in this town, they are going to stay . . . for good.

With his strong left arm, Brock knows he can be a great quarterback in the football-crazed town of Calhoun. The coaches have other plans, though, especially for the kids from the wrong side of the tracks, which is exactly where Brock now lives.

With the help of his new friend Mak—a funny guy off the field, an intense lineman on the field—Brock has a plan to beat the odds and make the first team.

As Brock tries to fit in both on and off the field, his father’s past is creeping up on him, until one day a chance meeting will cause everything to come crashing down. With his new friends Mak and Laurel, can Brock navigate his new life, or will his past force him back on the run again?

New York Times bestselling author and former NFL defensive end Tim Green delivers a thrilling companion story to New Kid, with gripping action on the field and an edge-of-your-seat intensity off the field that will keep readers turning the pages until the very end.