Baseball Genius

Baseball Genius

Jalen DeLuca loves baseball, but there’s no way he can pay the fee to get on the travel team. His dad runs a diner and makes enough to cover the bills, but not a lot for extras. So Jalen decides to sneak into the grounds of a home owned by Yankee’s star second baseman, James “JY” Yager, and steal a couple of balls from the batting cage on the property. If he sells them, he’ll have enough to keep himself on the team. But Jalen’s scheme goes wrong. He’s caught in the act and barely gets away.

However the next time Jalen meets Yager, he’s not so lucky. Yager’s going to tell Jalen’s father exactly what happened, but then Jalen learns thatYager’s career is about to be over unless he can get his batting average up. That’s when Jalen gets a new idea and reveals his hidden talent: He’s a baseball genius. He can analyze and predict exactly what a pitcher is going to do with his next pitch. He can’t explain how he knows, he just knows. After proving to Yager that he really can do it—using a televised game and predicting pitch after pitch with perfect accuracy—the two hatch a scheme. Jalen will help Yager out of his batting slump and Yager won’t press charges.

However, the team’s GM has his own agenda, and Jalen’s going to need his friends and his baseball genius to save not only Yager’s career, but his own good name.

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