In the empty, sun-baked landscape of the Texas Panhandle, two cold-eyed renegades exchange briefcases to complete a deadly bargain. In one case, neat stacks of hundred-dollar bills mean a brand new life for a single, vicious man, in the other, a small, silvery object means instant death for innocent millions halfway around the world. To these ruthless predators, Armageddon is just another deal, betrayal and brutal murder are just good business—and as the star defensive back for the Texas Outlaws is about to discover, love is a weakness that can get you killed.

In Ruffians and Titans, NFL insider Tim Green electrified readers and won critical acclaim with his unique blend of gridiron action and no-holds-barred suspense. Now he ups the ante in an intricate, riveting thriller of a sports hero abruptly plunged into a bewildering maze of greed, passion, international intrigue, and sudden, shocking violence.

CODY—for years he’s been the Outlaws’ number-one assassin on the field, wreaking havoc on the opposition with the lethal precision of a professional. When an IRS auditor ends up in the morgue, Cody’s killer instinct takes on a whole new meaning. But is he a hit man … or a fall guy?

JENNY—Cody’s gorgeous, willful wife, has an insatiable appetite for wealth, celebrity, and excitement. She’s sexy, she’s seductive, she’s got big plans … and when she swore to love Cody till death they did part, it seems that’s exactly what she meant.

MADISON—Beautiful and brilliant, Madison is one of Austin’s top defense attorneys. She’s fighting her vengeful husband for custody of her son, she’s fighting to help Cody clear his name … and soon she’ll be fighting for her very life.

STRIKER—A CIA contract agent who doesn’t hesitate to kill in cold blood, Striker stalks a shadowy labyrinth of espionage, treason, and nuclear terrorism. He’s the middleman in an arms deal that means a life of luxury for him … and grisly death for anyone in his way.

From the football field to the criminal courts, from the seedy motels where spies meet secretly, to the lush playgrounds of the privileged and powerful, Outlaws drives forward with all the inexorable momentum and nerve-searing suspense that have made Tim Green one of the hottest players in the thriller game.


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