Derek Jeter and Tim Green team up for “Baseball Genius”

Two big sports stars are turning a new page in their retirements. New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter is teaming up with the Atlanta Falcons’ Tim Green to tackle the world of children’s books.

“Baseball Genius” by Tim Green and Derek Jeter

Published by the Jeter Children’s imprint of Simon & Schuster, a division of CBS, “Baseball Genius” tells the story of Jalen, an average kid with an above-average talent.

Jalen, named after Jeter’s 5-year-old nephew, also encounters bullying and taunting as a biracial child.

“What we’ve tried to do is incorporate the lessons I’ve learned through my parents, obviously my sister and I, and what we teach our kids through our foundation,” Jeter said. “We try to do that with diverse characters and interesting stories. These are issues that kids are facing nowadays. It’s front and center. You really can’t shy away from it.”

“The thing about books is when kids read, they get smarter,” Green said. “They perform better in school. But most importantly, when kids read, they get a little kinder because they put themselves in someone else’s shoes. So that’s why I think it’s important that our characters are a little different.”

Green said the story is about perseverance, kindness, loyalty and friendship.

“So there’s all these kinds of visceral things in the story that kids are going to — you know, it’s going to sink in,” Green said.

But that only works if the book succeeds at its goal of entertaining young readers.

“So short chapters, lots of action. And then we take them into the world of the New York Yankees and Major League Baseball,” Green said. “Derek’s insight into that — we really for readers, we pulled back the curtain on that experience.”

They’re also sending a message with a female character who wants to be either president, a TV show host or a sports agent.

“In all of these books I’ve written in the middle grade genre — this is the 19th and Derek and I have more to do — but I always have a good strong girl character. Not only for girl readers but for boy readers so that they see, you know, what is Derek’s perception and my perception of a girl, and it’s strong,” Green said.

Derek Jeter teams up with former Syracuse football star Tim Green to write book

Syracuse, N.Y. — After deciding that he needed a little bit of help in the writing of his 35th book, the subject of which is baseball, Tim Green turned to a guy who knows a little bit about the national pastime.

Derek Jeter.

Yeah, that Derek Jeter.
Baseball Genius Cover Art.jpegTim Green and Derek Jeter have teamed up on a new book.

The book, the latest in Green’s line of literature for young readers, is called “Baseball Genius.” It’s about a kid on a 13-and-under team who uses his gift of being able to predict the kind of pitch a pitcher will throw to help save the career of an aging New York Yankee.

Who better, then, to help Green take his readers behind the scenes of the Yankees than Jeter, who played shortstop for New York across a brilliant career that lasted 20 seasons before retiring (with a lifetime batting average of .305) in 2014?

Thus, Green has a co-author in Jeter. Together, they developed the main character of “Baseball Genius,” Jalen DeLuca, and named him after Jeter’s real-life nephew.

Green — the former Syracuse University All-American football player, eight-year NFL veteran and College Football Hall of Fame inductee — will appear with Jeter, live, on the Wednesday edition of “CBS This Morning.” They will be interviewed about their collaboration on “Baseball Genius” during the 8 o’clock hour.

“Baseball Genius,” the first in a trilogy of baseball books to be co-authored by Green and Jeter, is scheduled to be released today. It is a product of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing and retails in hardcover editions for $16.95.

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Football player-turned-author wants kids to discover the joys of reading

Former NFL star pens sports-related books for middle schoolers

By Alyson Ward, Houston Chronicle

Landon knows the boys behind him are making fun of him.

He can’t hear everything they say, and he knows he shouldn’t turn around: “Nothing good ever came from three boys laughing and gawking, but he felt drawn to it the way he might poke at a bruise to test how much it really hurt.”

Landon’s a seventh-grader who just wants to play football. He’s got the size and the will – but there’s an obstacle in the way, one that has always made him feel like an outsider: He’s deaf, and kids call him Frankenstein and a “giant from outer space” because of the cochlear implants he wears.

That’s where the action starts in Tim Green’s new book for middle graders, “Left Out.” And, like a lot of Green’s fiction for young people, this story was inspired by real life.

For eight years, Green played defense for the Atlanta Falcons. Now he writes suspense novels for adults and chapter books for middle graders. On a book tour a couple of years ago, Green met a young reader in Arkansas named Brett who played football and wore cochlear implants for a hearing impairment. Soon after, in Kentucky, Green met another young athlete with cochlear implants. An idea started to take hold.
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“I was thinking about my next book and thought this would be a great story,” he said – one that would help young readers better understand what it’s like to live with a disability.

Green wanted to understand, too, so he consulted frequently with both the boys while writing “Left Out,” using Skype to ask them questions about their lives at school and in sports.

“Left Out” may be about a kid who has a disability, but “all of my stories have main characters who have something that’s broken in their lives,” Green says. “I’m really passionate about kids becoming kinder people and more understanding of other people through the act of reading.”

Green will talk to young readers in Houston Sunday as part of Inprint’s Cool Brains! reading series for young people, free events that give kids a chance to meet their favorite authors. He’ll talk about sports, writing and – above all – the importance of reading.

After he retired from football in the ’90s, Green started out writing suspense novels for adults. He branched out into kids’ books at the urging of an editor. His first book for children, “Football Genius,” was a bestseller, and he followed that up with more sports-themed chapter books: “Football Hero,” “The Big Time,” “Deep Zone” and several more. He also has set a few stories – “Pinch Hit,” “Baseball Great,” “Best of the Best” – in the world of baseball.

It isn’t hard for Green to capture the voice and tone of middle-grade kids. “That’s a time of my life that’s really vivid,” Green says. Even back then, Green wanted to be a novelist. “I had two dreams,” he says. “One was to play in the NFL; the other to become a writer.”

He studied literature and writing on a football scholarship at Syracuse University, then went to law school in the off-season while playing in the NFL. Now he and his wife have five kids (the youngest is a fourth-grader), he works as a lawyer and he churns out books in his spare time.

Green’s next book will be out in March – “Baseball Genius,” which he co-wrote with Derek Jeter, the former New York Yankee who has made his own post-sports career writing books for kids.

And Green has recruited more pro athletes to help him spread the word about reading. The NFL’s Play 60 campaign urges kids to be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day; Green has added his own campaign, Read 20. With players from six NFL teams, he visits schools to stress the importance of reading at least 20 minutes every day.

“Every day,” he says, young readers (or their parents) will Facebook or email him to say that, while they never had much use for reading before, they simply devour his books. Often those new readers are athletes or sports fans who were drawn in by the lure of a football or baseball story.

“I’m really proud of that,” Green says. “Once a kid has that experience, books take on a whole new meaning.”

Meet Tim in Texas on Jan 29th!

In celebration of Houston hosting Super Bowl LI, Cool Brains! Inprint Readings for Young People presents an afternoon with Tim Green. The former NFL player from the Atlanta Falcons is a New York Times bestselling author of 18 middle-grade novels and 12 books for adults.

He will share his latest sports-centered novel for kids, “Left Out,” which deals with challenges faced by a deaf teenager who joins the school football team.

This is a complimentary event and open to the public.

Sunday, January 29
3 pm

Meyerland Performing & Visual Arts Middle School
10410 Manhattan Drive
Houston, TX 77096

Jeter & Green Team Up to Co-Author “Baseball Genius”

NEW YORK, Dec. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Recently-retired baseball legend Derek Jeter is co-authoring his next book alongside former NFL-player and prolific author Tim Green. “Baseball Genius” will be published by Simon & Schuster and is slated for a March 2017 release in eBook and hardcover formats.

The book is geared towards young readers with an insightful and fun fictional journey of a young baseball fan with a particular talent (or sixth sense) for predicting pitches. In the story, he gets into trouble after breaking in to the batting cage of a fictional star ballplayer on the Yankees — but finds a way to make amends by helping the baseball star get out of his hitting slump.

Green has authored over 30 books for adults and children and is a New York Times Best Seller. His book “Football Genius” attained best-seller status with a somewhat similar premise to “Baseball Genius”– of a talented young player with a sixth-sense for predicting every football play before it happens. This latest book will showcase Green’s seasoned knack for storytelling along with Jeter’s one-of-a-kind perspective on baseball life.

Jeter, the future Hall of Fame Yankee shortstop, has several books to his credit: a three-book series called “The Contract” and “Jeter Unfiltered”, which was among the top selling sports books in 2015. Those books are published through Jeter’s partnership with Simon & Schuster, ‘Jeter Publishing,’ who is also publishing “Baseball Genius.”

The co-authors are as accomplished as any writing duo in recent memory.

During one of his speaking events, Green told of how his collaboration with Jeter came about. He was approached directly by the baseball great about collaborating on a book about baseball. “He was wonderful. What a wonderful person,” said Green of his co-author, the former Yankee captain.

About Tim Green

Tim Green was an All-American defensive end at Syracuse before graduating as the university’s co-valedictorian in 1986. That year, Green was drafted in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons. After retiring in 1993, he graduated from Syracuse University’s College of Law in 1994. He has authored 34 books and has called NFL games for FOX, and has served as both a legal and football analyst on major television networks. He is a co-founder and managing partner of the reputable law group in Upstate New York, Team Green Lawyers. Aside from a busy career as a lawyer, author and television personality, he travels and speaks to young students about the virtues of reading and academics. One-hundred-percent of his speaking fees go towards purchasing books for schools, libraries and kids who lack access to them.

About Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter, meanwhile, is a 5-time World Series champion, former World Series MVP and a 14-time all-star. As his celebrated career came to a close, he launched his own publication, The Player’s Tribune, consisting of pro athletes as lead writers and journalists.

“Baseball Genius” becomes available online and at bookstores March 7, 2017.

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