Derek Jeter’s New Children’s Book Has Some Nice Things to Say About Derek Jeter

Yankees legend Derek Jeter stopped by CBS This Morning to talk about a new children’s book he co-authored with former Atlanta Falcons linebacker and radio personality Tim Green.

The book, titled Baseball Genius, is about a young boy who tries to help a fictional baseball player out of a hitting slump. Along the way, he runs into none other than Derek Jeter. CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King decided to read that part of the book aloud, and it ended up leaving Jeter a bit red in the face. “Jeter’s pale green eyes were warm and kind,” King read, asking Jeter if he wrote that part. Jeter is no stranger to comments about his looks, but he’s proven to be a good sport about it, as evidenced by the 2001 Saturday Night Live sketch “Yankee Wives.”

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Superfan TV•March 8, 2017

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