HOME RUN receives a JLG award for Spring 2016

Junior Library Guild is a book review and collection development service helping thousands of school and public libraries acquire the best new children’s and young adult books, saving them both time and money.

Junior Library Guild is a privately held company based in Plain City, Ohio. Founded in 1929, JLG provides the very best customer service in the industry. Our services help librarians with collection development and our members trust us to put only the best books into the hands of their eager young readers.

Season after season, year after year, their book selections go on to win awards, collect starred or favorable reviews, and earn industry honors. We send these books on a monthly basis to our members, who receive them hot off the presses.

JLG selects books with the same care and attention you use when building your collection. Our editors know the children’s and young-adult literature landscape like no one else. And this credibility gives us a unique advantage, which benefits our members every month. The JLG editorial team reads the best books of the year well before they’re published. Publishers large and small value the prestige that comes with having their books named JLG Selections. They allow us to read and review more than 3,000 of their most anticipated books in manuscript or in preproduction stages. After narrowing that group to the very best 828 titles, we place our orders well in advance of publication dates (all JLG books are first editions) to provide you with new-release titles soon after they are first released.

This is how JLG membership allows you to get tomorrow’s award winners today.

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