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Here are some special messages for you from Tim. It’s not easy growing up but it sure can be fun. Tim shares what he’s learned about being successful at home, on the field and in the classroom.



Academics and education always pay us back. It takes hard work, but whatever we accomplish in academics stays with us for the rest of our lives. The higher and farther we educate ourselves, the more freedom and opportunities we have in the adult world. For most of us, doing well in school will carry us further in life than doing well in sports. If you have the commitment, dedication and perseverance to do well at both, you’re way ahead of the game.

Committing to academics delivers more freedom when we’re younger as well. If you don’t study, it might mean that you won’t even be allowed to play sports. When you keep up on your studies and try to excel at school, that’s how you earn your free pass to enjoying the other privileges and joys that come with your grade school, high school and college experiences.