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Here are some special messages for you from Tim. It’s not easy growing up but it sure can be fun. Tim shares what he’s learned about being successful at home, on the field and in the classroom.



I love sports and the lessons of sports: hard work, team work, perseverance, sportsmanship. But the lessons of sports have almost no value unless we apply them to other more important areas of our lives, like family and education.

I have many friends and teammates that didn’t find their greatest accomplishments and accolades on the athletic field. They didn’t get carried off the field after a big win or pursue a career in professional sports. They played sports for the love of the game and what they learned from the game is what paid them back. They found their greatest success later in life as heroes to their families, leaders in their communities and champions in their professional lives. All made possible by the lessons they each learned from competitive sports. Sports, like academics, will challenge you to find your best self.